Black Friday Record Store Day 2021 26th November 2021

Event Details

Black Friday will be on Friday 26th November 2021 from 8am

*Remaining stock will go online from 8am Saturday 27th November*

Please email your requests and wishlists to [email protected]

and place in the subject heading ‘Black Friday RSD 2021 Wishlist

View the Black Friday 2021 Record Store Day Product List HERE

We consider ourselves fairly experienced whilst always trying to improve. We do have great relationships with the distributors and labels, and support them all year around. For this reason we expect to receive a good level of stock. We also add our standard margins on to the cost prices we pay to keep the price in line with any other release we stock. We want you to have a great experience and come back week after week to buy records, that’s the point of this right?

*Please Note; Remaining stock will be available Online from 8am, 27th November* View the stock we anticipate being available *Coming Soon*

About the event

Hundreds of artists and record labels have come together to release an exciting array of exclusive, special, and one-off vinyl records which will be available only from participating shops.

Record Store Day is the annual event which celebrates the unique culture of independent record shops and the art of vinyl. The event shines a light on the hard-working music lovers behind the counter who play a key role in championing local music and talent.

Rules and Tips on how we will run the shop on the big day

Quite frankly we loved only having a few in the shop at once. we loved offering a more personal service and this didn’t effect the speed of the queue at all – in fact we thought it was faster.

So, keeping it simple and to maintain the principle of first come first served, whilst ensuring responsible social distancing rules and regs, we will operate under the following rules.

• We invite customers to form a socially distanced queue outside the shop keeping 1m+ apart and serve on a 1st come 1st served basis
• 3 customers in the shop (or groups in the same bubble) at a time. **1 TITLE PER CUSTOMER, as many different titles as you like***
• When you reach the door, we’ll also take wish lists and pick desired items if you prefer to be outside of the shop.
• We will encourage customers to spend 15 mins max in the shop, to help move the queue along


Free gifts for the first arrivals…I’m sure we can rustle up some more goodies for the first customers in the shop…Free Tea & coffee, we’ll look after you like a friend. 

If you want to double check whether we are stocking certain items, or re place your wishlist – please e mail your requests and wishlists to [email protected] and place in the subject heading ‘Black Friday RSD 2021 Wishlist‘.

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Thanks for your amazing support, we can’t wait to see you!