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Andrew W.K. - I Get Wet //Enjoy The Ride// (Released 16th August)




£38.99 – Limited Edition Vinyl LP

The fan favourite seminal debut by Andrew W.K. I Get Wet is re-issued on vinyl for the first time in close to a decade. I Get Wet includes the anthems “Party Hard”, “She Is Beautiful”, “Ready To Die” & “I Love NYC”. The album comes housed in a completely upgraded gatefold jacket printed by Stoughton which includes spot gloss over the iconic bloody nose cover image to really make the cover art POP!

When he first released I Get Wet in 2001, Andrew W.K. had a mission – to dirty up rock & roll, literally and figuratively. And while that may seem a sizeable task for one man to shoulder, consider that the Michigan-reared screamer devoted the whole of his debut album to ecstatic celebration of the id. It’s a heck of an idea, and it brought W.K. the fawning adoration of the British press who, after enduring years of ambient art-rock inspired by paranoia about technology (you know who we mean), were rushing to embrace W.K.‘s credo that everyone should party till they puke.

W.K. stays on theme throughout I Get Wet’s twelve frenetic tracks – song titles like the aforementioned “Puke”, “It’s Time To Party”, “Party Hard” and “Fun Night” pretty much make the point. But W.K.‘s more-is-more approach holds true of the music too – it’s cheesy new wave meets spiky metal but delivered with such self-conscious force that it’s almost bubblegum.

Think of the gargantuan riffs of Kiss’ “Detroit Rock City” smeared with Flock Of Seagulls-style synth while some manic propagandist hollers himself hoarse over top. I Get Wet has one setting – LOUD!! – but not since the Stooges has unmitigated hedonism, and just plain headbanging, seemed like a plan. Mighty members of the three-finger devil salute fraternity, your soundtrack has arrived.


A1. It’s Time To Party

A2. Party Hard

A3. Girls Own Love

A4. Ready To Die

A5. Take It Off

A6. I Love NYC

B1. She Is Beautiful

B2. Party Til You Puke

B3. Fun Night

B4. Got To Do It

B5. I Get Wet

B6. Don’t Stop Living In The Red

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Limited Edition Vinyl LP