Anna Meredith – Anno //Moshi Moshi// (Released 17th August)


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£20.99 – X 2 LP

Anna Meredith’s new album Anno is a new boundary-pushing collaboration with the Scottish Ensemble, in which original pieces of work by the classical-electronic composer are intertwined with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

Released via Moshi Moshi, the project began as an immersive 360 degree live experience but will be available on double vinyl and CD. After a recording process using the unusual ‘binaural recording head’ the project will also be available in an exclusive binaural recording – allowing the listener to experience the unique spatial aspects of the piece through headphones.

Solstice – Light In – Anna Meredith
Dawn – Antonio Vivaldi
Birds – Anna Meredith
Meadow – Antonio Vivaldi
Stoop – Anna Meredith
Heat – Antonio Vivaldi
Haze – Anna Meredith
Thunder – Antonio Vivaldi
Bloom – Anna Meredith
Slumber – Antonio Vivaldi
Stillness – Anna Meredith
Chase – Antonio Vivaldi
Low Light – Anna Meredith
Ice – Antonio Vivaldi
Embers – Antonio Vivaldi
Solstice – Light Out – Anna Meredith


x 2 LP