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ARCHERS OF LOAF - "REASONS IN DECLINE" (Released 21st October 2022)




//Merge Records//

£22.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Indies Exclusive, Purple and Red Swirl Coloured Vinyl

£21.99 – 1xLP, Standard Edition Vinyl

As sculpted shards of guitar tumbling, tolling, squalling shower the jittery bounce of a piano on opener “Human,” it’s obvious that Reason in Decline, Archers of Loaf’s first album in 24 years, will be more than a nostalgic, low-impact reboot. When they emerged from North Carolina’s ’90s indie-punk incubator, the Archers’ hurtling, sly, gloriously dissonant roar was a mythologized touchstone of slacker-era refusal. But this, the distilled shudder of “Human” (as in “It’s hard to be human / When only death can set you free”), is an entirely different noise. In fact, it’s a startling revelation.

In short, this is not your father’s Archers of Loaf, even if you’re a father now who was a fan then. (If that’s the case, congrats on surviving the Plague and getting to hear this fearlessly poignant record, you alt-geezer!) Otherwise, thank your youthful fucking lucky stars, kids! Enjoy Reason in Decline with fresh ears and do as the Archers have been doing: Stay humble, stay informed, express yourself creatively, and try not to lose your goddamned mind while the polar ice caps melt. Peace.


1. Human
2. Saturation And Light
3. Screaming Undercover
4. Mama Was A War Profiteer
5. Aimee
6. In The Surface Noise
7. Breaking Even
8. Misinformation Age
9. The Moment You End
10. War Is Wide Open

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12" Coloured Vinyl, Standard Black LP