ASGEIR - "SÁTT" //One Little Indian// (Released 7th February)




£17.99 – 1xLP (Icelandic Version)

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and collaborator; the mighty Ásgeir returns with
highly anticipated third album ‘Sátt (The Icelandic version of ‘Bury The Moon’). The Icelandic
artist returns to his folk roots for lead single ‘Youth’ written in collaboration with his admired
poet father, the song documents his childhood growing up in his small Icelandic town,
unburdened by worry and full of unbridled joy. The stunning new track swells with horns and
hushed acoustic guitars, Ásgeir’s unmistakable honey-soaked vocal soaring across weaving
instrumental melodies, culminating in a anthemic peak that exudes nostalgia. ‘Sátt’ will be
available via One Little Indian 7 th February 2020.


1. Pictures
2. Youth
3. Breathe
4. Eventide
5. Lazy Giants
6. Overlay
7. Rattled Snow
8. Turn Gold To Sand
9. Living Water
10. Until Daybreak
11. Bury The Moon

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1 x LP (Icelandic Version)