BERNARD BUTLER - "PEOPLE MOVE ON" (2021 RE-WORK) //Edsel Box Set// (Released 11th February 2022)




£26.99 – 2xLP, Limited Edition, White Vinyl – Signed Edition

£26.99 – 2xLP, Limited Edition White Vinyl

In 1994 Bernard Butler left Suede at the end of the lengthy recording sessions for the band’s second album, the acknowledged classic that is “dog man star”, which he co-wrote.

His first project was to join forces with singer David Mcalmont record the album “the sound of Mcalmont & Butler”, which was released in November 1995. It featured the top 10 single “yes” and the follow-up “you do”. In 1997, Alan Mcgee signed bernard up to creation records, and he set about recording his first solo album, playing all the instruments himself, except for the drums and strings. released in April 1998, the album was a critical and commercial success, reaching # 11 in the UK album charts and features the hit singles “stay”, “not alone” and “change of heart”.


  1. Woman I know 2. you just know 3. people move on a change of heart
  2. Autograph
  3. You light the fire
  4. Not alone
  5. When you grow
  6. You’ve got what it takes
  7. Stay
  8. In vain
  9. I’m tired

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Signed White Vinyl LP, White Coloured Vinyl LP