BILL FAY - "STILL SOME LIGHT: PART 2" (2022 Re-Issue) (Released 6th May 2022)




//Dead Oceans//

£27.99 – 2xLP, Limited Edition Vinyl

A double compilation album made up of 70s album demos and 2009 home recordings.

Still Some Light was originally released on compact disc as a two CD collection in 2010. Reimagined with new artwork and available for the first time ever on vinyl, Still Some Light Pt. 1 collects Fay’s archival recordings from 1970 and 1971. Many of the songs are intimate sketches which were eventually re-recorded for Fay’s landmark second album, Time of the Last Persecution. The announcement follows the release of Countless Branches on 17th January, 2020, Fay’s acclaimed seventh studio album and third since his decades-long hiatus.


  1. My eyes open
  2. Solace flies in
  3. Long way from Tipperary
  4. All must have a dream
  5. War machine
  6. There is a valley
  7. Road of hope
  8. Jericho road
  9. City of dreams
  10. Time to wake up now
  11. Hello old tree
  12. Anthems
  13. Still some light
  14. Fill this world with peace
  15. I will remain here
  16. Diamond studded days
  17. God give them rest
  18. Keep turning the pages
  19. Your life inside
  20. I thought I heard someone
  21. Be at peace with yourself
  22. All at once
  23. Peace on earth
  24. One day
  25. Here beneath the vail
  26. I wonder

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2xLP Limited Edition