CARTER THE UNSTOPPABLE SEX MACHINE - "1992 - THE LOVE ALBUM" (RSD 2020) //Chrysalis Records// (Released 29th August)


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£24.99 – 1xLP, Indies Exclusive Limited Edition, Picture Disc

Carter releases a special commemorative Picture Disc of their UK Number 1 album 1992: The Love Album, featuring their adapted EU Flag of Europe design. The album reached Number One in the UK and contains the hits The Only Living Boy In New Cross and Do Re Me So Far So Good.


  1. 1993 (2012 remaster)
  2. Is wrestling fixed (2012 remaster)
  3. The only living boy in New Cross (2012 remaster)
  4. Suppose you gave a funeral and nobody came (2012 remaster)
  5. England (2012 remaster)
  6. Do re me so far so good (2012 remaster)
  7. Look Mum, no hands (2012 remaster)
  8. While you were out (2012 remaster)
  9. Skywest and crooked (2012 remaster)
  10. The impossible dream (2012 remaster)

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Indies Only Picture Disc