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Cassandra Jenkins - "the Rramble (Morning & Night)" (Released 22nd July 2022)




//Ba Da Bing!//

£19.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Vinyl (300 Copies Only)

Cassandra Jenkins takes the opportunity to expand on a track from her an overview on phenomenal nature lp and presents two side-long ambient pieces.

“The ramble (morning, May 2021)” and “The ramble (night, May 2021)” both prominently feature field recordings made in her native New York’s central park, and in the woods of upstate new york. improvised piano, saxophone, and guitar interconnect and break apart over the sounds of birdsong, crickets, and a distant metropolis. there will be no further pressings of this.


“The ramble (morning, May 2021)”

“The ramble (night, May 2021)”

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1xLP Limited Edition Vinyl