CHRISTIAN LEE HUTSON - "QUITTERS" (Released 1st April 2022)





£25.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition, Indies Exclusive, Blue and White Coloured Vinyl

£22.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition, Olive Green Coloured Vinyl

In this follow up to his ANTI Records debut, Beginners, Hutson moves away from a focus on growing up to the dread and complications of growing older. Written under lock down, the laugh that announces Quitters is the kind you’ll find at the end of John Huston films, one of resignation and release, and somehow a cosmic laugh that says “California,” a place where lonely people gather together like birds. If every great record is a world, then this is Christian Lee Hutson’s world. It’s one filled with the fuzzy haze of a dream, and the half-remembered moments of a forgotten life. It’s a record brave enough to say, In the good old days, when times were bad. But beyond the songs, it is this voice. The voice of someone who was alive in 2021 and recorded a group of songs with his friends for us to hear.


  1. Strawberry lemonade
  2. Endangered birds
  3. Rubberneckers
  4. Sitting up with a sick friend
  5. Age difference
  6. Blank check
  7. Cherry
  8. State bird
  9. Teddy’s song
  10. Black cat
  11. Creature feature
  12. Ocdemon
  13. Triple axe


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1xLP Blue and White Vinyl, Limited Olive Green LP