COLDCUT/VARIOUS ARTISTS - "@0" //Ahead of Our Time// (Released 19th November)




£22.99 – 2xLP

Featuring an incredible lineup of new ambient and classical recordings, all released for the first time as part of the ‘@0’ compilation.

With music from: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Suzanne Ciani, steve roach, Juliana Barwick, Imogen heap—whose ‘the happy song’ is remixed by Coldcut—a winged victory for the sullen, laraaji, sigur rós—with close collaborator of the band paul corley providing a ‘liminal’ re-work of ‘rembihnútur’—Kaitlyn aurelia smith, Helena hauff, skee mask, daniel Pemberton & fsol, James heather, specimens, Nailah hunter, rovo & system 7, ned Scott (the egg), Noodrem, Mira Calix, obay alsharani, David wenngren, ill-Esha, yak herder, ndipa x flex machina, double cushion, irresistible force, frktl, anna and Coldcut themselves.

Speaking with matt black (one half of Coldcut) on the project and its creation he explains that: “‘@0’ refers to that liminal state experienced many times where my mental and emotional stability was not solid and it felt like teetering on a zero axis about to fall into depression, or more rarely, mania. I found that ambient music, by making no psychic demands, often opened some space and with its soft fascination, subtly raised the energy, helping to avoid that downward spiral and navigate slowly up and out. @0 is a balance point.”


1. Julianna Barwick – Star Ray
2. Sigur Rós – Rembihnútur (Liminal re-work by Paul Corley)
3. A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Beethoven 250
4. Laraaji – Illusion of Time

5. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Mt Baker
6. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Aqua (from Playing Piano for the Isolated)
7. James Heather – And She Came Home (Strings Version)
8. Suzanne Ciani – Morning Spring
9. Nailah Hunter – Sadko

10. Helena Hauff – Thalassa
11. Mira Calix – danaïdes
12. Daniel Pemberton & FSOL – Behind the Eyes
13. Skee Mask – CG Drip

14. Coldcut – The Fire Burns Out
15. Obay Alsharani – Dream Within a Dream
16. David Wenngren – Pianoise
17. Steve Roach – The Drift Home

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