Darwin Deez - 10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart //Lucky Number// (Released 31st August)


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£19.99 – Limited Edition White Vinyl LP

Darwin Deez is a New Yorker originally from North Carolina. After the success and critical acclaim of the hit single “Radar Detector” and his self-titled debut album in 2010, he toured extensively in support of second and third records Songs For Imaginative People (2013) and Double Down (2015).

The crux of his fourth album, 10 Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart, is Darwin’s singular songwriting. Darwin, the autodidact, is fiercely original as an artist, and enormously catchy and accessible. In the contemporary musical landscape, overfull as it is with redolent reverbs and saccharine synthesizers – a style of music he jokingly calls “Spotify-wave” – Darwin still makes sparse guitar songs. But not the kind of mellow, “psychedelic” 70’s-inspired stuff typical of most guitar-based indie groups nowadays. Songs with energy (“why should EDM have the monopoly on danceability?”). Songs with vulnerability. Songs with relatable, audible, intelligible lyrics.

Darwin Deez is one of the few indie musicians who truly ought to be much more famous than he is. Someone with the refreshing ability to be both goofy and grim. Someone with the songwriting chops to express the human condition artfully, in a way that cuts through thick clouds of cultural static. On this record, there is a wider-than-ever range of its expression both instrumentally and vocally. And Darwin always delivers the most unique sing-a-longs, heartbreak or no.



  1. The World’s Best Kisser
  2. Anna-Maria
  3. Queen Of Spades
  4. Getaway
  5. Say It First
  6. Drive Around
  7. Too Shy To Take A Shine
  8. All My Friends
  9. Someone New
  10. Daddy Always

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Limited Edition White Vinyl LP