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DAVID SYLIAN - "MANAFON (2022 Re-Issue)" (Released 2nd September 2022)





£31.99 – 2xLP

David Sylvian describes his 2nd solo album for his own Samadhisound label as being: “A modern kind of chamber music. Intimate, dynamic, emotive, democratic, economical”.

Recorded in London, Vienna and Tokyo, the 8 songs and 1 instrumental on ‘Manafon’ bring together “the world’s leading improvisors, and innovators, artists who explore free improvisation, space-specific performance and live electronics” including Evan Parker, Keith Rowe, Christian Fennesz, Sachiko M, Otomo Yoshihide, John Tilbury and members of Polwechsel.


Side A
1. Small Gods
2. The Rabbit Skinner
3. Random Acts if Senseless Violence

Side B
1. The Greatest Living Englishman
2. 125 Spheres

Side C
1. Snow White in Appalachia
2. Emily Dickinson
3. The Department of Dead Letters

Side D
1. Manafon
2. Random Acts of Senseless Violence – Dai Fujikura Remix


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