DROPKICK MURPHYS - "TURN UP THAT DIAL" //Born & Bred// (Released 7th May)


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£42.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Pink/Green Swirl Vinyl, Live on St Patricks Day 2020 7″, Flexi 7″ and 12″ Signed Poster

£22.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Gold Vinyl

£22.99 – 1xLP, Standard Edition

In good times and bad times, we turn to music. Our record collections and playlists carry us through any hardships, adversities, and trouble the world throws our way. When you press play, the pain just goes away. It’s why we listen in the first place.And that’s what Dropkick Murphys set out to do – and definitely accomplished – on the new album Turn Up That Dial. They boot in the front door of 2021 with a record that punches you square in the face and says, in the words of Ken Casey, “Get up, get out of those sweatpants you’ve been wearing for the last year…better times are ahead – LET’S F-in’ GO!!”Over the last two years, following a surgery, bassist/co-lead vocalist Casey stopped playing, passing bass duties to longtime friend and road crew member Kevin Rheault. With Casey off his leash and free to roam the front of the stage with co-lead vocalist Al Barr, a new, powerful dynamic has ignited between the two. After a couple hundred shows of the untethered duo shredding stages all over the world, their long-standing vocal trade-off explodes out of the speakers better than ever on Turn Up That Dial.Volume cranked, heads held high, smiles wide, eyes on the prize, Dropkick Murphys charge forward with the same spirit that brought them here in the first place…yet with a new determination and exuberance that brings both the live show and this album to the next level.


  1. Turn up that dial
  2. L-ee-b-o-y
  3. Middle finger
  4. Queen of Suffolk county
  5. Mick Jones nicked my pudding
  6. H.B.D.M.F.
  7. Good as gold
  8. Smash shit up
  9. Chosen few
  10. City by the sea
  11. I wish you were here



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Gold Edition LP, Ltd Swirl Coloured Vinyl, Standard Black LP