Elles Bailey - Shining In The Half Light (Released 25th February)




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£19.99 – LP and entry to the instore show

£12.99 – CD and entry to the instore show

crammed with vibrant originals brought to life with her a-list touring band, it’s yet another significant step forward in a career already feted with awards and acclaim.

bristol-based singer, songwriter and bandleader, who has powered her way to the-forefront of the british blues and roots scene in recent years, unveils her eagerly-awaited third album. elles wanted this record to feature ‘gospel style vocals’ so in steps izo fitzroy, an incredible artist in her own right, who arranged the stunning background vocals on ‘shining in the half light’, and performed them alongside jade elliot and andrusilla mosley. an exciting team of co-writers feature with three credits for ashton tucker & will edmunds, who both wrote with elles for ‘road i call home’, plus she teamed up with longtime guitarist joe wilkins to write the slow-flowing, philosophical ‘riding out the storm’. other kindred spirits include guitar maestro martin harley, for the gentle and romantic ‘different kind of love’ and matt owens, co-founder of the hugely successful indie-folk outfit noah and the whale, on the aforementioned ‘sunshine city’. the album comes to a striking conclusion with its title track, co-written with nashville’s craig lackey, written over zoom in may 2020.

Side 1
1. “Cheats & Liars”
2. “The Game”
3. “Stones”
4. “Colours Start To Run”
5. “Different Kind Of Love”
Side 2
1. “Who’s That”
2. “Sunshine City”
3. “Halfway House”
4. “Riding Out The Storm”
5. “Shining In The Half Light”

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CD and entry to the instore show, LP and entry to the instore show