ESYA - Absurdity of ATCG (I) //Self Release// (Released 24th May)




£10 – Highly Limited EP and one pass to the P&V Presents Show featuring ESYA

Eşya is the solo project from Ayşe Hassan (Savages/Kite Base); an unsettling, beat driven, wonky exploration of the absurdities of life.

Her latest EP, Absurdity of ATCG (I), is due on 24th May and is the second in a series of self-released works exploring the myriad manifestations of selfhood through a whirlwind of FM and analog synths, drum machines and vocals.

Today she shares her latest single ‘Everything’, a swirling tempest of industrial electronica, which Ayse says reflects “The repetitious nature of hope in our lifetime, the hope that our lives will turn out the way we want. The hope that our desires and dreams will be fulfilled, reciprocated and sometimes we may loose or find ourselves throughout that process.” 

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Highly Limited EP and one pass to P&V show