Factory Floor - "A Soundtrack For A Film" //Heart Of Data// (Released 12th October)


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£47.99 – 4xLP

£49.99 – Indies Only 4xLP On Coloured Vinyl


Factory Floor are Gabriel Gurnsey and Nik Void, whose electronic improvisational style of performance has seen them as at home in gallery spaces like Tate Modern, to clubs like fabric and Berghain to a remote volcanic Island of Stromboli in collaboration with artist Haroon Mirza. Their critically acclaimed second album 25 25 was released in the summer of 2016 on DFA Records.

Factory Floor were commissioned by curator Chris Bell of London’s Science Museum, to write a live score for Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent cinematic landmark, Metropolis. Widely regarded as a pioneering work of science fiction, the film depicts a dystopian future where a city’s downtrodden, exploited underclass of workers secretly plot a revolt. The 150 minute long brand new score was first performed at the Science Museum’s IMAX on 28th April 2017, coinciding with the 90th anniversary release of Metropolis and as part of the acclaimed Robots exhibition and event series.

Following the success of the London Science Museum event, Factory Floor took to the studio to record the score in its entirety.  Mixed by Nik Void (except for Heart Of Data and Babel which were mixed by award-winning producer Marta Salogni), the box set includes the entire reimagined score on four 12″ and features artwork by British artist Haroon Mirza, arranged by Nik Void in collaboration with illustrator Sam Moore.



A1. Metropolis

A2. Beneath

A3. Run

A4. Father Part 1

B1. Father Part 2

B2. Identity Switch

B3. Circuit Senses Part 1

C1. Circuit Senses Part 2

C2. Babel

D1. Cave

D2. Wonder

D3. Suspicious

E1. Transform

E2. Heart of Data

E3. Find Part 1

F1. Find Part 2

F2. Up Rise

G1. Flood

H1. Become

H2. End

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4xLP, Indies Only 4xLP On Coloured Vinyl