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Felix White - McEnroe OST (Released 10th February 2023)




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£24.99 – Dark Blue LP with Red Bellyband

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Felix White has teamed up with the director Barney Douglas again to score his newest film “McEnroe”.

The music and film is inspired by such classic movies like Heat, Blade Runner and Thief – giving us a mix between dark synth and guitar heroes sound.

McEnroe is an intimate portrait of one of the most explosive and compelling sporting icons of all time. John was an era-defining talent, Number One in the world in four consecutive years, but also a man prone to self-destruction. It’s this internal conflict that drove John to the very top, and very nearly broke him too.  

McEnroe features completely unseen film archive from some of the biggest matches in tennis history – including the US Open and Wimbledon – as well as home video footage from John himself. Contributions from John’s children and his wife Patty Smyth provide a level of intimacy that takes the film beyond a mere sports biopic and into the realms of something deeply personal and confessional. Featuring icons such as Billie Jean King, Bjorn Borg and Keith Richards, the film brings to life a golden age of tennis and the 80’s excess of John’s hometown: New York City.   

Beyond John’s tennis legacy (his combined 155 titles still rank as the highest in the Men’s Open era), John’s story grows to become a search for connection, a journey towards acceptance of himself and others. Compassionate, human and heartfelt, McEnroe is the definitive portrait of a force of nature powered by the beating heart of New York. 



1 The McEnroe Theme 

2 People Think They Know Him (Interlude 1) 

3 Outburst 

4 A Genius 

5 Idol 

6 Wimbledon 1980 

7 These Great Champions 

8 Connection 

9 I’ve Got A Feeling About You And Me 

10 Never Let Anyone In (Interlude 2) 

11 Square One 

12 Ghost 

13 The McEnroe Theme Reprise 

14 Island 

15 Eighty-Three Percent 

16 The Word, Love 

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Dark Blue LP with Red Bellyband, Standard Black LP