FLEETWOOD MAC - BEFORE THE BEGINNING - 1968-1970 LIVE & DEMO SESSIONS //Sony Music// (Released 18th October)


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£44.99 – 3xLP

Left untouched for 40 years, two live recordings of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac from 1968 & 1970 have been discovered & are available to hear now for the first time.

Two live recordings from 1968 & 1970 have recently been discovered of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac & will be released as a 3cd boxset on 7 june 2019 that will include rare band images & a brand new essay. ***volume one, the 1968 recording, contains early incarnations of some of the band’s most loved & famous songs including ‘shake your money maker’, ‘i need your love so bad’ & ‘stop messing ‘round’.*** discovered unlabelled & by pure luck in the us, their era has been authenticated by experts of the band’s blues origins. fleetwood mac has given their full approval for the release of these tapes. whilst the 1968 recording captures the early stages of the band, the 1970 recording comprises one of their final shows before peter left the band.

Track Listing:

vinyl 1 side a

1. madison blues  (version 1) (live) (remastered)

2.something inside of me (live) (remastered)

3.the woman that i love (live) (remastered)

vinyl 1 side b

1. worried dream (live) (remastered)

2. dust my blues (live) (remastered)

3. got to move (live) (remastered)

vinyl 2 side a

1. trying so hard to forget (live) (remastered)

2. instrumental (live) (remastered)

3. have you ever loved a woman (live) (remastered)

vinyl 2 side b

1. lazy poker blues (live) (remastered)

2. stop messing ‘round (live) (remastered)

3. i loved another woman (live) (remastered)

4. i believe my time ain’tlong (version 1) (live)  (remastered)

vinyl 3 side a

1. sun is shining (live)  (remastered)

2. long tall sally (live)  (remastered)

3. willie and the hand jive (live)  (remastered)

4. i need your love so bad (live)  (remastered)

vinyl 3 side b

1. i believe my time ain’tlong (version 2) (live)  (remastered)

2. shake your money maker (live)  (remastered)

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