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Fred Again - "Actual Life (April 14 - December 17 2020)" (RSD21 DROP 1) //Atlantic// (Released 12th June)




£21.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Vinyl

Record Store Day 2021, Drop 1 – Released 12th June

BRIT Award-winning producer is plotting out a path as one of the UK’s most exciting acts. Actual Life (April 14 – December 17 2020) features all of the music Fred has made between April and December 2020 Actual Life started out as a description of Fred again..’s became the title of a longer form project playlist, and now an album. 1. April 14 2020 2. Kyle (I Found You) 3. Dermot (See Yourself In My Eyes) 4. yasminah (See Your Face Again) 5. Hackney (Interlude) 6. Julia (Deep Divng) 7. Adam (Interlude) 8. Me (Heavy) 9. Big Hen (Steal My Joy) 10. Marnie (Wish I Had U) 11. Sabrina (I Am A Party) 12. Lydia (Please Make It Better) 13. Carlos (Make It Thru) 14. Angie (Interlude) 15. Angie (I’ve Been Lost) 16. December 17 2020

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Limited Edition Vinyl LP