Goon - Heaven Is Humming //Partisan Records// (Released 19th July)


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£19.99 – LP & DLC

Heaven Is Humming has been a long time coming. Three years coming, to be exact: singer/guitarist/songwriter Kenny Becker, singer/guitarist Drew Eccleston, bassist Caleb Wicker, and drummer Christian Koons started work on the album in the summer of 2016, right around the time Goon’s debut EP Dusk Of Punk came ripping in from the Los Angeles sky, spilling from the brim with monster riffs and deep hooks.

Heaven Is Humming is fearlessly weird, but it’s also comforting and familiar at the same time, taking the sounds of foundational groups like Pixies and Boards Of Canada and contextualising them through a modern lens, placing Goon alongside contemporaries like Forth Wanderers, METZ, Young Jesus, and Partisan label-mates Dilly Dally. Becker croons like Michael Stipe one minute and snarls like Frank Black the next, but you never lose the sense of who these four guys are making a beautiful racket right in the here and now.


  1. F Jam
  2. Black Finch
  3. Northern Saturn
  4. Deny
  5. Snoqualmie
  6. Cammie At Night
  7. Datura
  8. Critter
  9. Mem
  10. Check Engine Light
  11. CCLL

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