HEAVY SALAD - "CULT CASUAL" //Dipped in Gold// (Released 25th September)


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£21.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Orange Vinyl

The album explores the idea of finding your own reality via hallucinogenic nights plagued with polar bears and conversations with the AI in your phone to imagining after death experiences and apocalyptic visions of the future. Heavy Salad share a love of melody and the sound of the album was influenced by their love of psych pop and acid rock. No distortion pedals were used in the making of ‘Cult Casual’.

The LP was written by Heavy Salad at their base in East Manchester by the core trio of Lee Mann (live bassist with The Moonlandingz), Rob Glennie and Allan Hutchison. The band are joined by live backing singers ‘The Priestesses’ and Oscar Remers.

The band bonded over a joint interest in psychedelic horror films with Panos Cosmatos’ cult classic Mandy being a particular favourite, Heavy Salad loved the idea of the band being a psychedelic cult albeit a cult with no rules, hence ‘Cult Casual’!


  1. Death
  2. Battery acid
  3. The wish
  4. Inner versions
  5. Reverse snake
  6. High priestess
  7. This song is not about snakes
  8. Routine dream
  9. Slow ride
  10. It’s ok to bleed

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Indies Only Orange Vinyl LP