Hookworms - Microshift (Released 2nd February)




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Microshift is Leeds band Hookworms’ first new work in over three years and marks a seismic shift in their sound, dynamic, songwriting and production, whilst still bearing all the ferocious energy, intricate musicianship and bruised but beautiful song-craft of the previous releases which have quietly made them one of the UK’s most revered young bands.

Technically their third studio album but arguably the first in which the studio has been central to its creation. Pearl Mystic and The Hum were heavily informed by the band’s live sound. Microshift, on the other hand, came to life in the studio, formed out of loops, modular synthesizer sequences, drum machines, homemade samples etc. which were jammed around and layered until the songs began to emerge. Radiant, immersive and teeming with light, but still heavy and forceful – the music on Microshift acts as a very deliberate counter to some of the difficult topics addressed in the album’s lyrics. Death, disease, heartbreak, body image and even natural disaster (the album was recorded immediately after MJ had finally completed restoring his Suburban Home studio after it was destroyed in a flood) are all present here but the overall effect these songs achieve is euphoric catharsis.

The indie edition comes in a custom printed PVC outer sleeve. *SOLD OUT*

Negative Space
Static Resistance
The Soft Season
Each Time We Pass
Boxing Day

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