JORGE ELBRECHT - "PRESENTABLE CORPSE" //O Genesis// (Released 28th May)


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£18.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Splatter Coloured Vinyl

The Executor(s) of the Estate of Jorge Elbrecht are pleased to announce Presentable Corpse 002, a collection of music which extends our efforts to disseminate this decaying artist’s back catalog. In keeping with the lineage of Elbrecht’s recent LPs Coral Cross 002 & Gloss Coma 002, this new album is the inaugural full-length collection of Presentable Corpse recordings.

Indeed, it is with tremendous excitement that we embark upon a 30-day journey to fund, with your support, this highly anticipated addition to the acquirable works of Jorge Elbrecht.


  1. Blocking out the horror
  2. This time or never
  3. Tuesday morning
  4. Ancient grief
  5. The clouds are gone
  6. Brittle vines break
  7. Fading memory
  8. Run & hide
  9. The springtime brigade
  10. Dawn is creeping
  11. Leaf cycle
  12. Piereced by the ice

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Indies Only Splatter Vinyl