Kate Bush – Remastered In Vinyl Box II //Fish People// (Released 16th November)


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£87.99 – 4xLP Boxset

The legendary and inimitable Kate Bush is releasing Kate Bush Remastered In Vinyl II, the second vinyl boxset of her massively anticipated reissue campaign, which includes the chart topping studio albums Hounds Of Love (1985), The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993), and featuring hit singles such as “Running Up That Hill”, “Hounds Of Love”, “This Woman’s Work” and “Rubberband Girl”. The Boxset is newly remastered for the first time by Kate and James Guthrie, whilst it comes cased in 180g heavyweight vinyl and maintains its original artwork.


Hounds Of Love

Side One: Hounds Of Love

A1. Running Up That Hill

A2. Hounds Of Love

A3. The Big Sky

A4. Mother Stands For Comfort

A5. Cloudbusting

Side Two: The Ninth Wave

B1. And Dream Of Sheep

B2. Under Ice

B3. Waking The Witch

B4. Watching You Without Me

B5. Jig Of Life

B6. Hello Earth

B7. The Morning Fog


The Sensual World

A1. The Sensual World

A2. Love And Anger

A3. The Fog

A4. Reaching Out

A5. Heads We’re Dancing

B1. Deeper Understanding

B2. Between A Man And A Woman

B3. Never Be Mine

B4. Rocket’s Tail

B5. This Woman’s Work


The Red Shoes

A1. Rubberband Girl

A2. And So Is Love

A3. Eat The Music

B1. Moments Of Pleasure

B2. The Song Of Solomon

B3. Lily

C1. The Red Shoes

C2. Top Of The City

C3. Constellation Of The Heart (2018 Remaster)

D1. Big Stripey Lie

D2. Why Should I Love You?

D3. You’re The One


4xLP Boxset