KEELEY FORSYTH - "DEBRIS" (LOVE RECORD STORES ALBUMS OF THE YEAR 2020) //The Leaf Label// (Released 5th December)




£19.99 – 1xLP, Indies Exclusive, Oxblood Vinyl, Individually Signed

Love Record Stores Albums of the Year 2020

The songs comprising Keeley Forsyth’s debut album Debris are, she states simply, “like blocks of metal that drop from the sky.”

With its minimal arrangements placing her recollections and dissections of sometimes harrowing experiences front and centre, Debris showcases her elemental voice and an outpouring of candid, haunting lyrics detailing the seismic ruptures which take place behind closed doors. “There was a lot going on in my life that was heavy and hard,” she adds. “Songs were made under that moment.”

Born and raised in Oldham, Forsyth first made her name as an actor, but while the creation of music has been a constant feature in her life, she’s taken the long road to its release. A deeply intuitive and singular musician, she began writing several years ago, accompanying herself on harmonium and accordion.


1. Debris
2. Black Bull
3. It’s Raining
4. Look To Yourself
5. Lost
6. Butterfly
7. Large Oak
8. Start Again

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Oxblood Coloured Vinyl