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Lou Reed - "The Raven" (Black Friday 2019) //Rhino// (Released 29th November)




£49.99 – 3xLP

The Raven is the 19th solo album from Lou reed, originally released in 2003.

this concept recounts a variety of short stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe and was based on reed’s opera poetry, co-written with Robert Wilson.


  1. the conqueror worm
  2. overture
  3. old poe
  4. prologue
  5. edgar allan poe
  6. the valley of unrest
  7. call on me
  8. the city in the sea/shadow
  9. a thousand departed friends
  10. change
  11. the fall of the house of usher
  12. the bed
  13. 1. perfect day (feat. anthony)
  14. the raven
  15. balloon
  16. broadway song
  17. the tell tale heart, pt. 1
  18. blind rage
  19. tell tale heart, pt. 2
  20. burning embers
  21. imp of the perverse
  22. vanishing act
  23. the cask
  24. guilty (feat. ornette coleman) [ltd. edition]
  25. guilty (feat. ornette coleman)
  26. a wild being from birth
  27. i wanna know (the pit and the pendulum) [feat. blind boys of alabama]
  28. science of the mind
  29. annabel lee/the bells
  30. hop frog (feat. david bowie)
  31. every frog has his day
  32. tripitena’s speech
  33. who am i? (tripitena’s song)
  34. the courtly orangutans
  35. fire music
  36. guardian angel

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