Mac DeMarco - Old Dog Demos (RSD 18 Limited Release)


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24.99 – Yellow LP

YELLOW VINYL – Captured Tracks brings listeners a selection of demos – one of which was previously left on the cutting room floor – and instrumentals from Mac DeMarco’s latest LP, This Old Dog , as a limited Record Store Day Release.

 Over the past few years we have watched Mac develop from a cult artist to a standout figure amongst the realm of the indie mainstream. From bedroom sessions to a string of critical accolades, high sales, and sold out tours all over the world, Mac stands as an inspiration for the young musician tinkering with their 4-track tape recorder in a suburban bedroom – a sincere example of humble beginnings and honest hard-earned acclaim.
These recordings give an intimate view into the world of Mac DeMarco, taking listeners back to the roots of Mac’s writing and recording straight from his own bedroom ‘Jizz-Jazz’ studios. Old Dog Demos , a 15-song LP that is divided into Demos on Side A and Instrumentals on Side B, is sure to have both dedicated and casual Mac collectors alike lining up outside of their local record stores to pick up this truly special release.
• Limited Edition RSD Release: on Yellow Vinyl
• Demos of Critically-Acclaimed Album, ‘This Old Dog’
Side A (Demo Songs)
1. Is It Boy
2. Baby You’re Out
3. Dreams From Yesterday
4. No Sunny Days
5. One Another
6. A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes
7. Trouble Believing
Side B (Instrumentals)
8. One More Love Song
9. Jimsy
10. For the First Time
11. Frog Hollow
12. Sheeta
13. Umaro
14. Lady Eboshi
15. Master Yupa