MICA LEVI - "RUFF DOG" //Self Released// (Released 28th May)


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£22.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Vinyl

The first album Mica has released under their own name. Vinyl edition released concurrently alongside second album Blue Alibi.

Mica Levi is a musician and composer living in South East London who uses programming software, written notation and improvisation to produce music. They are currently a member of the groups CURL, Good Sad Happy Bad and Tirzah, and have composed scores for a number of films including Under The Skin, Jackie, Monos, Zola and Mangrove (part of the Small Axe series).


Ruff dog
Kind of strange
One tear
Cold eyes
Flower bed
A plain clothed jimi hendrix drives me to newcastle. for some reason the trip will take 3 days and he is going to do it for £150. he drives really smoothly and only listens to one album which is by someone with joy in their name. joy’s music is covers of classic rock songs but with all the edge smoothed off. we arrive in brazil and i impress someone because i say obrigado. the same person asks me to find them an intern. i don’t think i can but i try. i am nervous in the girls changing room and play trap songs loud off my phone.
Chains baggy
Hi Gene
Ride till we die


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1xLP Limited Edition Vinyl