Mudhoney – Morning In America //Sub Pop// (Released 20th September)


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£17.99 – Indies Only Loser Edition Silver Coloured Vinyl LP & DLC

£17.99 – Standard LP & DLC

Morning In America is a seven track EP of songs recorded during the sessions for Mudhoney’s 2018 album, Digital Garbage (“An astute, politically relevant and commendably fired-up garage punk belter of an LP”The Quietus); and mixed at Johnny Sangster’s studio Crackle & Pop!

The tracks include “Let’s Kill Yourself Live Again” (an alternate version of the Digital Garbage stand-out “Kill Yourself Live”), “One Bad Actor” (a new version of Mudhoney’s track on the limited-edition, and now very sold-out, SPF30 split 7” single w/ Hot Snakes), album outtakes “Snake Oil Charmer”, “Morning in America” and “Creeps Are Everywhere”, plus “Ensam I Natt” (“So Lonely Tonight” a Leather Nun cover) and “Vortex Of Lies” from a very limited EU tour 7″.


  1. Vortex Of Lies
  2. Creeps Are Everywhere
  3. Ensam I Natt
  4. Morning in America
  5. Let’s Kill Yourself Live Again
  6. Snake Oil Charmer
  7. One Bad Actor

Indies Only Loser Edition Silver Coloured Vinyl LP, Standard LP & DLC