NOTHING BUT THIEVES - "MORAL PANIC (The Complete Edition)" (Released 22nd April 2022)




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£25.99 – 2xLP, Limited Edition “Plum” Coloured Vinyl with Bonus Tracks

The Southend five-piece have stolen our hearts with this rollicking record of anthemic rawwwk – & this complete edition adds a further 50% of lobe delighters.

‘Is everybody going crazy?’ is a gritty dark rock song. Lyrically, it discusses a fractured, barely recognisable civilisation and desire for escapism, which proved curiously relevant to the world right now. Produced by Mike Crossey (the 1975, Arctic Monkeys and Wolf Alice), ‘real love song’ has a self-explanatory title; it is a real love song, which strips the romantic idealistic nature of love away and lays open the unrequited or painful reality experienced by many – “I’ve got a thing about you and it won’t go away”. Richly anthemic and wildly grandiose, it builds triumphantly with a hymn-like euphoric melody alongside singer Conor’s poignant almost operatic vocals. A must for fans of royal blood, queens of the stone age, lazy bones and blood red shoes.


  1. “Unperson”
  2. “Futureproof”
  3. “Is everybody going crazy?”
  4. “Free if we want it”
  5. “Miracle, baby”
  6. “Impossible”
  7. “If I were you”
  8. “There was sun”
  9. “Can you afford to be an individual?”
  10. “Phobia”
  11. “Before we drift away”
  12. “Ce n’est rien”
  13. “Moral panic”
  14. “Real love song”
  15. “This feels like the end”
  16. “Your blood”


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2xLP Coloured Vinyl