Paul Buchanan (The Blue Nile) - Mid Air (Released 22nd July 22)





£35.99 – Limited 2 x 12″ release on 180 gram heavyweight Vinyl plus 20 page lyric booklet.

Mid Air is an extraordinarily intimate record, its spare piano and vocal-based arrangements unfurling at a meditative pace. Thirteen of its fourteen tracks are less than three minutes long, but rest assured all life is here. Buchanan’s beautifully bruised voice remains a faithful conduit of all things emotive, and Mid Air was written from a place of humility and wee-small-hours contemplation. Says Paul: “i think if i’d tried to make a record that sounds like the band i’d be quite nervous, but this is more of a record-ette. it’s quite small in stature and the songs are very brief, but don’t get me wrong – it kept me awake at night.”

Buchanan also concedes that, in some ways, he is “continually re-writing the same song”, chipping away at the themes that have absorbed him from day one. ‘far above the chimney tops / take me where the bus don’t stop” he sings here on ‘My True Country’. Naturally, such starry-eyed sentiments will chime with fans of the Blue Nile’s charmed 1983 debut, A Walk Across the Rooftops. At root, these beautifully smudged miniatures represent a still more potent distillation of all that has made Buchanan’s past work so special. Mid Air – his little ‘record-ette’ as he calls it – is wonderfully big of heart.


Tracks: Mid Air / Half The World / Cars In The Garden / Newsroom / I Remember You / Buy A Motor Car / Wedding Party / Two Children / Summer’s On It’s Way / My True Country / Movie Magazine / Tuesday / Fin    De Siecle / After Dark / Have You Ever Been Lonely / My True Country / After Dark (Instrumental) / Two Children (Piano version) / Lost / Tuesday (Instrumental) / Half The World / Movie Magazine (Instrumental) / Mid Air / God Is Laughing / Buy A Motor Car (Elegance Mix) / Half The World (Live)


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Limited x 2 180 G LP & Lyric Book