PENDULUM - "ELEMENTAL EP" //Earstorm Records// (Released 29th October)




£18.99 – 1×12″, Limited Edition Picture Disc

Pendulum – one of the most successful drum & bass bands of all time – will be releasing their new ‘Elemental’ EP this June 17th, with the physical picture disc arriving October 1st, it is the band’s first body of work to be released since 2011’s #1 smash hit album ‘Immersion’.

The Phenakistoscope 12″ Picture Disc is designed by frontman Rob Swire and animates when it is played at 45rpm and filmed on a mobile phone.

This long-awaited release heralds the full comeback of the groundbreaking band, who previously released the double A-side singles ‘Nothing For Free’ & ‘Driver’ in 2020, followed by single ‘Come Alive’ earlier this year – all of which will feature on the ‘Elemental’ EP alongside final track Louder Than Words, a collaboration with Hybrid Minds.


  1. Driver
  2. Nothing for free
  3. Louder than words – pendulum & hybrid minds
  4. Come alive

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Limited Picture Disc