ROSE CITY BAND - "SUMMERLONG" (LOVE RECORD STORES ALBUMS OF THE YEAR 2020) //Thrill Jockey// (Released 5th December)


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£22.99 – 1xLP, Indies Exclusive, “Buttercup” Coloured Vinyl

Love Record Stores Albums of the Year 2020

It is impossible to talk about modern psychedelic music without mentioning Ripley Johnson. As bandleader of Wooden Shjips and half of Moon Duo, Johnson has continually charted new cosmic paths that expand on the language of the genre. With Rose City Band, Johnson’s songwriting and beautiful guitar lines take center stage.

While his vocal treatment would be recognisable to any Wooden Shjips fan, the sparseness of the instrumentation lays bare the beauty of his writing. Shimmering guitar lines are free to shine, buoyed by driving rhythms. New to the mix are arrangements and instruments drawn directly from classic country, resulting in songs with more than a hint of twang.

Buoyant and joyous, ‘Summerlong’ is a captivating listen that leaves the listener yearning for more.


  1. Only lonely
  2. Empty bottles
  3. Real long gone
  4. Floating out
  5. Morning light
  6. Reno shuffle
  7. Wee hours
  8. Wildflowers

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1xLP Buttercup Coloured LP