SAULT - "7" (2021 RE-ISSUE)//Forever Living Originals// (Released 5th February)




£19.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Repress

Blending the hard bass tones of post-punk with a breezy melodic cocktail of funk, soul and wonky pop, the trio’s second record is an absolute blast of kaleidoscopic joy.

Their signature hybrid of funk, dance, post-punk, soul and disco is front and centre once again, confidently delivered with their typical fearless nature. if “5” had you out of your seat, “7” will have you dancing in the streets with its celebratory and flamboyant nature. spread the word, sault are back at it! crossing sonic gene pools as far flung as beck, khruangbin and the go! team, we don’t know how they stumbled upon this extremely mutated sound; just put it down to one of life’s little miracles.


  1. Over 2:25
  2. No bullshit 3:47
  3. Feel so good 3:07
  4. Living in America 3:21
  5. Tip toe 3:09
  6. Smile and go 2:44
  7. Threats 4:20
  8. Red lights 3:03
  9. Friends 3:57
  10. Waterfalls 4:00

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1xLP Limited Edition Vinyl