SPACE - "SPIDERS" (25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION) //Demon Records// (Released 3rd September)


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£19.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition, Yellow Vinyl, with Signed Print

£19.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition, Yellow Vinyl

First released in September 1996, ‘Spiders’ is the debut album by the Liverpudlian alternative rock band space.

Upon release, the album reached #5 in the UK album charts and received critical acclaim for its unique sound, humorous lyrics, and incorporation of varying musical styles. highlights include the hit singles ‘female of the species’, ‘neighbourhood’, ‘me and you versus the world’ and ‘dark clouds’. the print of the album cover is signed by Tommy Scott, Franny Griffiths and Jamie Murphy.


  1. Neighbourhood
  2. Mister psycho
  3. Female of the species
  4. Money
  5. Me & you vs the world
  6. Lovechild of the queen
  7. No-one understands
  8. Voodoo roller
  9. Drop dead
  10. Dark clouds
  11. Major pager
  12. Kill me
  13. Charlie m
  14. Growler

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Yellow Vinyl LP, Yellow Vinyl with Print