STATS - "POWYS 1999" //Memphis Industries// (Released 13th November)


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£18.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Crystal Clear Vinyl (Plus DL Code)

While the band’s critically acclaimed debut album “Other People’s Lives” – loved by everyone from Elton John to Phoebe Waller-Bridge – was recorded in a two-day burst, capitalising on a gap in front man Ed Seed’s busy schedule touring with Dua Lipa, Powys 1999 is different. There’s a dense narrative to the album that explores personal upbringing – and the potential untrustworthy memories that come with such reflection – along with the industrial, financial and political landscape of the countryside.


1. Come With Me
2. On The Tip of My Tongue
3. Old Flames
4. Naturalise Me
5. On The Tip of My Tongue
6. Kiss Me Like It’s Over
7. Out of Body
8. From A High Sky
9. Travel With Me Through This Ghost World
10. Innocence
11. If Only

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Crystal Clear LP & DL Code

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