Sundara Karma - Ulfilas' Alphabet //RCA// (Released 1st March)




£21.99 – Indies Only Coloured Vinyl LP

£19.99 – Standard LP

Reading’s art rock sensations Sundara Karma, Sanskrit for ‘beautiful karma’, formed when vocalist/guitarist Oscar “Lulu” Pollock and drummer Haydn Evans met guitarist Ally Baty and bassist Dom Cordell at school. A handful of singles and EPs preceded their debut album Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect released in 2017.

Sundara Karma’s songs are personal reactions to art, literature and culture – Plato, Wilde, Bram Stoker, Manet, Buddha – that tackle topics from online self-obsession to consumer capitalism, the smokescreen of the nuclear family and the lies at the heart of the teenage dream. Their eagerly anticipated second album Ulfilas’ Alphabet is due for release early 2019.


  1. A Song For My Future Self
  2. One Last Night On This Earth
  3. Greenhands
  4. Symbols Of Joy And Eternity
  5. Higher States
  6. The Changeover
  7. Illusions
  8. Little Smart Houses
  9. Duller Days
  10. Sweet Intentions
  11. Rainbow Body
  12. Ulfilas’ Alphabet
  13. Home (There Was Never Any Reason To Feel So Alone)

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Indies Only Coloured Vinyl LP, Standard LP