SUUNS - "THE WITNESS" //Joyful Noise Recordings// (Released 24th September)




£23.99 – 1xLP, Indies Exclusive, Limited Edition, Bright Blue Vinyl (plus DL Code)

£22.99 – 1xLP (plus DL Code)

As a band who has been around for thirteen years and toured all corners of the world, there comes a point when the veil of mystique must be fully lifted. Up until now, experimental rockers SUUNS have revelled in mystery like a silhouette disappearing into the mist, releasing albums that rest comfortably in ambiguity, detachment and innuendo. But lately, the band appears to be more comfortable coming clean with their own inner workings. That newfound sense of ease is undeniable on SUUNS’ fifth full-length album The Witness – their first for Joyful Noise Recordings.


  1. Third stream
  2. Witness protection
  3. C-thru
  4. Timebender
  5. Clarity
  6. The fix
  7. Go to my head
  8. The trilogy

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Blue Coloured Vinyl LP, Standard Black LP