Swervedriver – Future Ruins //Rock Action Records// (Released 25th January)

From: £18.99

From: £18.99
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£19.99 – Indies Only Red Vinyl LP & DLC

£18.99 – Standard LP & DLC

Rock Action Records proudly announced the signing of British alt. rock legends Swervedriver with news of the release of their brand new album Future Ruins. The record presents a band moving with real time and real life vitality, showcasing new tricks alongside classic hallmarks. Future Ruins exhibits Swervedriver’s fabled widescreen escapism, but with a tension that echoes the sleeve image of Coney Island in skeletal monochrome, like a post mortem photograph of a failed utopia


  1. Mary Winter
  2. The Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air
  3. Future Ruins
  4. Theeascending
  5. Drone Lover
  6. Spiked Flower
  7. Everybody’s Going Somewhere And No-One’s Going Anywhere
  8. Golden Remedy
  9. Good Times
  10. Radio-Silent

Indies Only Red Vinyl LP & DLC, Standard LP & DLC