Tasha - Tell Me What You Miss The Most /Father/Daughter/ (Released 3rd December)




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For fans of Julia Jacklin, Molly Burch, Orion Sun, Lucy Dacus.

Tasha’s second album, ‘Tell Me What You Miss The Most’ mingles pockets of introspection with wide, expansive, marveling at what’s yet to come. Born and raised in Chicago, Tasha is a musician who writes songs that take loving and longing seriously. Whether dwelling in the sad thrum of an impending break up or the dizzying, heart thumping waltz of new infatuation, here is an album that traces one artist’s relationship to herself in love. Full of deep, invigorating inhales and relieved, joyful exhales, Tell Me What You Miss The Most is an exquisitely crafted breath of much needed air.

Tell Me What You Miss the Most isn’t just a catalogue of tenderness it’s also a showcase of Tasha’s growing and formidable musician-ship. “When I made Alone at Last, I had only been writing songs for two years. I hardly even knew what kind of song writer I was. But this record feels much stronger as far as a representation of my songwriter and musicianship,” says Tasha, adding “I did feel like I was piloting it in a way that I haven’t really felt before.”

“I was inspired by a distance I felt from myself,” says Tasha of the album, “the writing was kind of born from this desire to get back to an intimacy, or honesty, with myself.” Other inspirations include kissing, long drives in nature, her mother, and “winter and all that it allows (being alone inside, wrapped up in something warm, feeling things deeply.)” Her list of inspirations is a collection of types of touch; fleeting affectionate touch, the brush of a knit blanket, the bracing grip of feeling one’s own skin twinned in a palm. So too does

the album veer in and out of touch with Tasha herself, tracing tenderness and loneliness, the paradox of feeling held and utterly abandoned at once.


“Tasha makes wondrous, gentle soul that advocates for self-care.” – Pitchfork 

“Genre fluid like Lianne La Havas and Jamila Woods, with decorative-but-unobtrusive guitar work and

electronics, Tasha roots her songs in a conversational poetry that hits like heart pangs.” – NPR Music 

“Her gentle, resplendent songs are a salve for those who struggle to find space to be themselves.” – Chicago Reader



Side A

1.             Bed Song 1

2.             History

3.             Perfect Wife

4.             Sorry’s Not Enough

5.             Love Interlude

Side B

1.             Dream Still

2.             Burton Island

3.             Lake Superior

4.             Year From Now

5.             Bed Song 2

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Dinked Edition #142, Opaque Bone Vinyl