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Teleman - Family of Aliens //Moshi Moshi// (Released 7th September)




£19.99 – Limited Indies Only Red LP 

Armed with a freer, more collaborative approach to both writing and recording, their new 11-track album Family of Aliens, is a fluid collection of glorious pop-songs fluent with new electronic textures and united by the sharp lyricism, buoyant guitars and instantaneous melodies that are synonymous with Teleman.

“We want to keep evolving and keep discovering. This band is one long journey for us, and we never want to stop developing and finding new ways of creating music. I’m always wanting to better what we’ve done before. To go deeper, to find something more beautiful, more catchy, more challenging, more interesting … just more.”

It’s evident the much-loved quartet have evolved, cultivating and honing their sound as a very-welcome and anticipated proposition for 2018.

Flaunting the harmonious marriage of their beguiling pop sensibility accompanied by pulsating electronic undertones, the lead song from the album, ‘Cactus’ is anchored by an unrelenting riff that crescendos to a cacophony of thrashing guitars and unbridled synth-sounds, bound by a palpitating, monotonous drum-loop.

Depicting the familiar esoteric ideas nestled amongst lead vocalist-guitarist Tom Sanders’ abstract lyrics; manifesting the themes of loneliness, youthful ideals and how materialism can be a pretense to mask solitude.

“[This song is] for people who spend a lot of time, money and thought on looking good but can’t actually let anyone get close to them. In youth, most preoccupations are base and wasteful – what to wear, what party to go to, who said what to whom. If you carry these on into later life you might be deeply unfulfilled” explains Sanders.

1. Family of Aliens
2. Cactus
3. Song For A Seagull
4. Between The Rain
5. Always Dreaming
6. Submarine Life
7. Twisted Heart
8. Somebody’s Island
9. Sea Of Wine
10. Fun Destruction
11. Starlight

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Indies Only Red LP