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TERRY HALL - "HOME" (RSD 2020) //Forever Heavenly// (Released 29th August)




£21.99 – 1xLP

Twenty-six years have elapsed since the original release of Home, but this Record Store Day sees its long overdue debut on vinyl. It might have been the first album which saw Hall step forward from a group identity, but Home was Hall’s ninth in various guises since the emergence of The Specials’ self-titled LP in 1979. It had taken Hall a while to find his feet as a songwriter. With Jerry Dammers so prolific in that regard, Hall found himself in a strange position at the end of that group’s collective lifetime. The Specials had made him a pop star, but he didn’t feel like one. By the release of Fun Boy Three’s second album Missing (1983), the competition was Wham!, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Culture Club. Nothing wrong with any of those, but Hall would see himself staring back from the pages of a magazine alongside all the aforementioned names and experience what he called “a total cognitive disconnection”.


  1. Forever j
  2. You
  3. Sense
  4. I drew a lemon
  5. Moon on your dress
  6. No no no
  7. What’s wrong with me
  8. Grief disguised as joy
  9. First attack of love
  10. I don’t got you

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