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THE ANTLERS - "GREEN TO GOLD" //Transgressive// (Released 26th March)




£19.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition Gold Vinyl

Perhaps what distinguishes ‘Green to Gold’ from the rest of The Antlers’ canon is its, well, sunniness. Conceived and written almost entirely in the morning hours, ‘Green to Gold’ is the band’s first new music in nearly seven years, and easily their most luminous to date.

“I think this is the first album I’ve made that has no eeriness in it,” Silberman asserts. “I set out to make Sunday morning music.” Unlike other Antlers albums, Silberman didn’t feel compelled to turn a human experience into a circuitous mythology. He chose a more direct approach: documenting two years in his life, without overthinking or obscuring what the songs were about. “Most of the songs on ‘Green to Gold’ are culled from conversations with my friends and my partner. It’s less ambiguous about who’s speaking and who’s listening,” says Silberman resolutely.

“I think the shift in tone is the result of getting older,” Silberman added. “It doesn’t make sense for me to try to tap into the same energy that I did ten or fifteen years ago, because I continue to grow as a person, as I’m sure our audience does too. Green to Gold is about this idea of gradual change,” he sums up. “People changing over time, struggling to accept change in those they love, and struggling to change
themselves. And yet despite all our difficulty with this, nature somehow makes it look easy.”


  1. Strawflower
  2. Wheels roll home
  3. Solstice
  4. Stubborn man
  5. Just one sec
  6. It is what it is
  7. Volunteer
  8. Green to gold
  9. Porchlight
  10. Equinox

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