THE FALL - "CEREBAL CAUSTIC: 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION" (RSD 2020) //Demon Records// (Released 29th August)




£22.99 – 1xLP, Limited Edition “Bonkers” Splatter Vinyl

Cerebral Caustic is the seventeenth studio album by British post-punk legends the Fall. First released in 1995, the album marked the return of former guitarist Brix Smith to the line-up. Often an overlooked release in the Fall’s catalogue, Cerebral Caustic finds Mark E. Smith and co embracing the Wonderful and Frightening sound of their earlier, critically-acclaimed Brix-era albums The Frenz Experiment and I Am Kurious, Oranj. Demon Records marks the 25th anniversary of Cerebral Caustic with the first-ever vinyl reissue.


  1. The joke
  2. Don’t call me darling
  3. Rainmaster
  4. Feeling numb
  5. Pearl city
  6. Life just bounces back
  7. I’m not satisfied
  8. The aphid
  9. Bonkers in phoenix
  10. One day
  11. Northwest fashion show
  12. Pine leaves

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Bonkers Splatter Vinyl