The KVB - Only Now Forever //Invada Records// (Released 12th October)


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£26.99 – Indies Only 2xLP On Clear Vinyl & DLC

Whilst holding evident inspiration from previous times, the sound this London-founded duo present is progressive and distinctly new in every sense. Idyllic at times; gritty in others, each bar is as enchanting as the last, leaving you in a melancholic trance. Offering poignant lyricism that explores modern anxieties that plague many, the duo manage to imbue feelings of empowerment, fighting such struggles with a deceivingly sanguine sound. This seamless juxtaposition is perhaps their best trait, and will appeal to fans of Depeche Mode, The Soft Moon, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, and My Bloody Valentine.


  1. Above Us
  2. On My Skin
  3. Only Now Forever
  4. Afterglow
  5. Violet Noon
  6. Into Life
  7. Live In Fiction
  8. Tides
  9. No Shelter
  10. Cerulean

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Indies Only 2xLP On Clear Vinyl & DLC