THE ORDER OF THE 12 - "LORE OF THE LAND" //Group Mind// (Released 4th February)




£19.99 – 1xLP

The Order of The 12 is a psych folk group formed in Lewes, Sussex. It is a place of rolling hills, druids, and sorcery. There’s also a long folk tradition here, from the Copper Family to Shirley Collins, who lives just round the corner from where this album was created. It was recorded in an attic studio on the banks of Lewes Castle.

The Order of The 12 is singer Rachel Thomas, Fumaca Preta multi-instrumentalist Stuart Carter, and musician, writer and producer Richard Norris (the Grid/Beyond The Wizards Sleeve).

The album is a richly melodic set of tales of lost love, pagan magic and the lore of nature. There’s a strong sense of the rolling countryside in the music, and it’s connection with those who live within its hills. Echoes of Sandy Denny, Trees, Mellow Candle, and all manner of psych folk soundtrack from the Wicker Man onwards are evoked in its rich sonic brew.


Against the tide
Eye of a lens
Somewhere nearly gone
Money can’t buy
Lore of the land
The forest at night
Black knight
Save me from the carnival
Wishing well
Down to the ring

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