The Pop Group - Y (Remastered) //Mute// (Released 1st November)


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£99.99 – Limited Edition Deluxe 4xLP Boxset & Signed Art Print

£77.99 – 4xLP Boxset

£22.99 – Vinyl LP w/ Bonus 12″ Single

Y is the highly influential and innovative debut album by post-punk instigators The Pop Group, originally released in 1979. In the same year The Pop Group released their single She Is Beyond Good And Evil / 3:38. The Pop Group’s Y regularly appears in ‘Greatest Album’ lists – such as Pitchfork’s Greatest Albums of the 70’s where it is listed at #35, The Wire’s 100 Most Important Records Ever Made and Uncut Magazine’s 100 Greatest Debut Albums.

The band went on to release two further singles, We Are All Prostitutes and Where There Is A Will (Split single with the Slits), and one further studio album For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder (1980), before splitting up in 1981. The Pop Group reformed in 2010 to tour and have since released two new studio albums, Citizen Zombie (2015) and Honeymoon On Mars (2016). The band will be touring at the end of 2019 and throughout 2020 in support of the album release.

This remaster of the Y album was cut using half speed mastering at Abbey Road, and is packaged with the Bonus 12” Single She Is Beyond Good And Evil, with the original artwork and high definition audio download.

The 4xLP Deluxe Boxset also includes Alien Blood, the result of the band’s meticulous process of revisiting the original 2” tapes of their studio sessions and recordings, unearthing never-before-heard material, including the studio recording of ‘Kiss The Book’, gloves off version of ‘We Are Time (Ricochet)’, and ‘Words Disobey Me (Dennis The Menace Mix)’ whilst exposing the raw skeletons of iconic tracks such as the original velocity of ‘Thief Of Fire (Bass Addict)’. Alien Blood reveals the life of Y before everything was finalized, exposing revelatory dimensions within these iconic works.

The Boxset is completed with the Y Live album, an essential addendum to the original release, one that captures all the fierce urgency of The Pop Group’s live performances at the time. Comprised of Y era recordings captured at a variety of locations including New York, Manchester & Brussels – the latter on a bill with William Burroughs and Joy Division – Y Live exemplifies what had proved so thrilling about The Pop Group. A snapshot of a time when the group were sharing stages with future acolytes including Cabaret Voltaire, Linton Kwesi Johnson & Public Image Ltd, Mark Stewart describes the recordings as attempts to “paint the impossible”.


Y Remastered:

A1. Thief Of Fire

A2. Snowgirl

A3. Blood Money

A4. Savage Sea

A5. We Are Time

B1. Words Disobey Me

B2. Don’t Call Me Pain

B3. Boys From Brazil

B4. Don’t Sell Your Dreams


Bonus 12” Single:

A1. She Is Beyond Good And Evil

B1. 3:38


Alien Blood (Boxset Only):

A1. Kiss The Book

A2. Blood Money (Slow Thief)

A3. Don’t Call Me Pain (First Mix)

A4. Words Disobey Me (Dennis the Menace Mix)

A5. We Are Time (Ricochet)

B1. Thief Of Fire (Bass Addict)

B2. Savage Sea (Sparse)

B3. Boys From Brazil (Ridge Reels)

B4. Snowgirl (Take 3)

B5. Don’t Sell Your Dreams (‘A’ Mix)


Y Live (Boxset Only):

A1. Thief Of Fire (Live)

A2. Snowgirl (Live)

A3. Blood Money (Live)

A4. Savage Sea (Live)

A5. We Are Time (Live)

B1. Words Disobey Me (Live)

B2. Don’t Call Me Pain (Live)

B3. Boys From Brazil (Live)

B4. Don’t Sell Your Dreams (Live)

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4xLP Boxset, Limited Edition Deluxe Boxset & Art Print, Vinyl LP w/ Bonus 12" Single