The Streets - Original Pirate Material (Released 30th March)




£28.99 – X 2 LP

The Streets’ first two albums ‘Original Pirate Material’ and ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’ helped to make the UK hip-hop/garage scene a force to be reckoned with on a global scale, and established Mike Skinner as a lyricist with a gift for delivering insightful observations about everyday life. Long out of print, both albums will be repressed and released on double vinyl on March 30th.


Originally released in 2002, ‘Original Pirate Material’ remains one of the most influential albums of its generation, and bridged the gap between UK garage and grime. Featuring the breakthrough hit ‘Has It Come To This’ and era-defining anthems such as ‘Weak Become Heroes’ and ‘Let’s Push Things Forward’, it made Skinner a spokesman for a generation.


Track List:


Side One

  1. Turn The Page
  2. Has It Come to This?
  3. Let’s Push Things Forward
  4. Sharp Darts


Side Two

  1. Same Old Thing
  2. Geezers Need Excitement
  3. It’s Too Late



Side One

  1. Too Much Brandy
  2. Don’t Mug Yourself
  3. Who Got The Funk?
  4. The Irony Of It All


Side Two

  1. Weak Become Heroes
  2. Who Dares Wins

Stay Positive


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x 2 LP