THE WHITE STRIPES - "WHITE BLOOD CELLS" (2021 RE-ISSUE) //Third Man Recordings// (Released 22nd October)


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£23.99 – 1xLP in Tip-on Jacket

For this one, Jack and Meg decamped to Memphis to record at the legendary Easley-Mccain studio and walked away with a bonafide classic.

Unique for a White Stripes album, as it contains no covers, no guest musicians, no blues and no guitar solos, this album would be most of the world’s introduction to the band.


Side a

1. Dead leaves and the dirty ground
2. Hotel yorba
3. I’m finding it harder to be a gentleman
4. Fell in love with a girl
5. Expecting
6. Little room
7. The union forever
8. The same boy you’ve always known

Side b

1. We’re going to be friends
2. Offend in every way
3. I think i smell a rat
4. Aluminum
5. I can’t wait
6. Now mary
7. I can learn
8. This protector



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